Wedding Planning Course


Online Learning Course available throughout Ireland on Wedding Planning.


Fulfil the dreams of loved up couples by becoming a wedding planner who can make their wedding day desires a reality. Being a wedding planner is one of the most rewarding and exciting professions available, without the need for a university degree, and getting started couldn’t be simpler! Complete the curriculum in less than 15 hours with our comprehensive course material, and you will be one step closer towards your wedding planning goals!

Easy to Manage Chunks

With this intensive course, students can enjoy bitesize module delivery, to ensure full understanding of every aspect of wedding planning. Study online and log in to the courseware at a time that suits, and before long, you can book clients and plan the perfect weddings. Start your new journey by signing up to this course, now!


  • Gain a well-rounded introduction to wedding planning, including what activities a wedding planner partakes in, why people rely on wedding planners to ensure their big day goes smoothly and how you can create a profitable wedding planning business.
  • Get to grips with the types of wedding that take place, including the various religious ceremonies available, civil ceremonies and non-traditional weddings.
  • Understand the various wedding customs that exist across the world and gain further insight into what the various traditions mean across the culture spectrum.
  • Recognise the importance of time management, and what aspects of a wedding should be organised at various times, including a year, six months and weeks ahead of the wedding.
  • Learn how to choose a wedding venue, and the importance of the budget when making decisions.
  • Appreciate the importance of scheduling and the need for an Order of the Day, including speeches, music and readings.
  • Understand more about the legalities of weddings, including who can legally marry in the UK and what documentation needs to be provided to ensure a wedding is legal.
  • Learn more about some of the major parts of a wedding that need to be considered including themes, attire, catering, stationery, entertainment, the cake, transport, photography, flowers, favours, gifts and the honeymoon.
  • Spend some time understanding stag, hen and ‘sten’ dos, what goes into organising one and what traditional and unconventional options exist.
  • Learn how to organise a wedding abroad, including what documents are required and what tour operators are available who specialise in this option.
  • Gain insight into some of the pros and cons of owning a wedding planning business, including how to be self-employed, marketing, insurance, tax and how to deal with suppliers.


  • Learn online, at a time that is convenient to you. Study around your current home and work commitments, and take your time and complete the modules at a pace that suits you!
  • End of course completion certificate included
  • Syllabus is broken down into 24 easy-to-navigate, comprehensive modules to ensure maximum knowledge retention and the ability to pick up and put down the modules when you need to.
  • Join thousands of people who have already taken the course and completed it successfully.
  • Improve your chances of becoming a professional, well-respected and reputable wedding planner and show off your credentials.

Make today your big day and sign up for this fantastic wedding course! You’ll be making every bride and groom’s dream come true in no time!

This course is CPD certified. 

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