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Online Learning Course available throughout Ireland on Sales Presentations.

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A sales presentation can make or a break negotiating for a deal. The saying goes “fail to prepare, prepare to fail” and your knowledge of the products and services you’re selling can impress the clients, but your lack of knowledge can put the deal in jeopardy, and ultimately lose it.

You will face obstacles, but show your understanding of your client’s problems, take their side and present the solutions they need and you will become a success through the proposals and presentations that you create.

The key to creating an effective sales presentation is to motivate the buyer into buying. This programme will help you to get to the point, use your body and language to portray your products and services as a must have for prospective clients. But most of all, it will help you to believe in the products and services you are offering as the only solution your client will possibly need.

This course will show you how to create a winning proposal, how to turn it into a dynamite sales presentation, and how to handle objections.


  • Identify the key elements of a quality proposal
  • Perfect your first impression, including your dress and your handshake
  • Feel more comfortable and professional in face-to-face presentations
  • Write and present a winning proposal


  • Create winning sales presentations that will deliver more money to your organisation.
  • Boost your commission through making more sales.
  • Implement the knowledge you learn as soon as you finish the course.
  • Recommended reading to help you build on the foundations this course will lay down.

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