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Online Learning Course available throughout Ireland on  Level 2 Waxing.

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Whether you’re an established beautician who needs to master waxing skills, or completely new to the beauty industry, this comprehensive online course will teach you everything you need to know about how to become a skilled and in-demand waxing professional.

Whether it’s legs, bikini, eyebrows or another area, waxing is a hugely popular hair removal method with women and increasingly men too. However, because it’s not the easiest task to achieve at home, many people prefer to put their trust in an expert who will deliver the professional results they require, both efficiently and with a minimum of pain. This course will guide you through all you need to know to become your local go-to waxing guru.

What Will I Learn?

There’s more to learning to wax than meets the eye. The 25 modules that make up the 15-20 hours of course content introduce you to the subject before taking you through all the essentials including different hair removal methods, health, hygiene and safety legislation, preparation, aftercare and much more. And because you study online, you can choose to study at a time that fits around your work and family commitments.


This step-by-step online guide leaves no stone unturned when it comes to learning to put the wow factor into waxing.

  • The introduction deals with what hair actually is, the causes of unwanted hair and the pros and cons of waxing.
  • Next, get to grips with types of hair, the anatomy of hair, purposes of having hair and what stimulates and kills hair.
  • Find out about different hair removal methods and the benefits and disadvantages of each method, including which methods are best for different areas of the body.
  • Master the skills you will need to complete a proper client consultation and find out why ailments could cause a contraindication.
  • Learn about the crucial area of health, hygiene and safety legislation, including how to identify risks and hazards, before moving on to professional ethics and how to keep accurate client records.
  • Get to grips with the all-important area of your professional image.
  • Find out how to prepare your products, equipment and the client.
  • Get an insight into materials required including the different types of waxes.
  • Gain confidence with the safety precautions essential when using wax.
  • Learn about the function of the skin and different skin conditions.
  • Find out why sanitation and sanitisation are crucial.
  • Learn about preparing the equipment for application, the application process, techniques and how to wax successfully.
  • Learn how to wax the face, above the lip, chin, eyebrows, underarms, arms, chest, upper and lower legs, back and the bikini area.
  • Move on to the aftercare procedure.
  • Finally, find out about dos and don’ts and how to cope when things don’t go to plan.


  • Study at a time and place that suits you, on all your devices.
  • Once you sign up, you can enjoy 12 months access to the course, meaning it’s easy to revisit your learning whenever you need to.
  • While gaining practical experience is also advisable, this course gives a great grounding in the subject of waxing.
  • Take the exam included in the course and print out your course completion certificate to prove your new-found waxing skills.
  • Enjoy technical support if you run into any problems.
  • Become confident and competent in this much in-demand skill that you can put into practise either as an employee in a beauty salon or as head of your own small business.

Sign up to the Waxing Level 2 Waxing Course today as the first part of your journey in a fabulous and flexible new career in waxing.

This course is CPD certified.

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