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Online Learning Course available throughout Ireland on Level 2 Make Up.

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Make up your mind to lay the foundations you need for a career in makeup artistry, thanks to this fabulous Make Up Diploma. Learn how to become a top-rated makeup artist and show off your creative flair, with this series of engaging and hands-on modules that will help you to hone your talents in no time.

Creativity Equals Success

MUAs are in high demand, and there will always be a need for them, regardless of the industry in which you dream of working. Whether it’s wedding make up that you wish to follow, or you have a love for stage make up and special effects, your dreams can start here! If you have a flair for creativity and would love to learn more about the various techniques and products that are available to utilise, signing up to this course would be ideal.

Twenty-Two Manageable Modules

Skin is a blank canvas, and with the 20 hours of syllabus, including over an hour of instructional videos, you can learn how to create a masterpiece each and every time. The course is broken down into 22 easy-to-navigate modules, which take between 10 and 80 minutes to complete, depending on the content. Ranging from makeup application to corrective techniques, you will have plenty to learn, culminating in a multiple-choice assessment. Upon completion, the make-up world is your oyster!


There are no entry requirements to enrol on this course – you simply need the drive and determination to learn and progress. This course is perfectly suited to aspiring makeup artists (employed or self-employed), who need a solid foundation on which to build their portfolio.

  • Take a look at an overview of what beauty and makeup artistry is, including the psychology behind makeup use and modern makeup trends that you may see in the industry.
  • Touch upon the history of makeup, including the use of cosmetics in ancient times and the evolution of makeup through the ages.
  • Understand what the role of a beauty MUA is, what they do and what their job entails.
  • Get to grips with the anatomy of the skin, and the various products and techniques that can help to improve any skin problems that exist.
  • Recognise good products and brushes, and understand the need for good quality tools. Learn how to use makeup brushes correctly and understand the importance of density, length and brush shape.
  • Gain insight into various makeup products, their purpose, their application and how to choose the correct product for the job, including foundation, eye makeup (including eyeliner, lash building techniques and brow grooming), cheek colour and lip colour.
  • Understand how to use corrective makeup and what tools are essential for the job.
  • Learn more about makeup for TV, film and magazines, including how to emphasise features, character makeup and how to modify makeup for different lighting.
  • Learn how to match makeup with hair styles, and how you should choose makeup based on hair colour. Understand the importance of good communication between MUA and hair stylist.
  • Appreciate the importance of different makeup for different seasons, and how to maintain radiant skin whatever the weather.
  • Touch upon more advanced techniques such as contouring.
  • Take a look at salon management, including how to advertise your business and manage your finances successfully.


  • Courseware is compatible with a range of devices and browsers, so you can learn wherever you like.
  • Available around the clock, 365 days a year – there’s no pressure, no deadlines and plenty of time to work through the syllabus.
  • Engaging instructional videos help you to learn by doing – watch the videos and absorb the information before practicing on a willing model!
  • 12 months access to the course – make use of future updates without having to pay another penny!
  • Receive an end of course completion certificate, which can be added to your portfolio to show prospective employers and clients.
  • In less than 20 hours, you can gain all the training you need to start your career as a MUA.

If you’ve had dreams of becoming a successful makeup artist, your journey starts here! Signup today!

This course is CPD certified. 

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