Basic Music Recording and Mixing Course


Online Learning Course available throughout Ireland on  Basic Music Recording and Mixing.


Learn how to make amazing tracks, tunes and effects with this comprehensive course. Gain the skills needed to create your own music; set up a studio and master DJ skills; set up and maintain various instruments; mix, dub and edit tracks; understand copyright law and much more.

Music making programmes covered in this course include Ableton Live, Antares Auto-Tune, Apple Pro Logic, Melodyne, ProTools, Torq, Garageband and many others. Explore how to set up a studio and learn about miking up guitars and drums, using keyboards and synthesisers and caring for brass and woodwind instruments. Learn everything you need to know to make your own album.

24/7 access for 12 months – Our video-based training is accessible at any time, giving you the benefit of hands on training with the flexibility of fitting it in around your busy schedule. Just sign in sing your user name, select the course you want to view, and go.

Unique interface features – Set your own pace for learning. Our interface offers useful features such as fast forward, pause, bookmark a lesson, track your progress and much more.

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This course takes a comprehensive look at everything necessary to start making it in the music industry. Focus areas include:

  1. DJ & multitrack skills – Learn how to use a vast array of music programmes to begin creating tracks including Ableton Live, Antares Auto-tune, Apple Pro Logic, Cubase, Melodyne, MOTU Digital Performer, ProTools, SoundForge, Torq, Waves, Reason, Line 6 and much more.
  2. Guitar set up skills – Explore ways to set up a guitar for recording including miking techniques, building effects pedal boards, set up and maintenance and how to relic a guitar.
  3. Real and virtual drum set up skills – Learn about drum miking techniques, drum tuning and maintenance and Strike Virtual Drummer.
  4. Podcasting and Garageband Skills – Learn how to make full use of Garageband for creating and recording music, plus an introduction to making your own podcasts.
  5. Keyboard and organ skills – Learn how to use Axiom 61 USB MIDI controller, B4 II Virtual Organ, B3 Drawbars and FM8: FM Synthesiser Native Instruments
  6. Copyright and publishing law – Learn the legal aspects of properly protecting your compositions with this introductory module.
  7. Woodwind and brass care – Learn the proper care and maintenance techniques that can prevent costly repairs for your precious instruments.


This comprehensive course will teach all the skills necessary to begin making music at home. The course is designed with the beginner in mind, but more advanced earners will find it useful for building on the foundation of knowledge they already have. Other benefits include:

  • Practical tutoring from an industry expert
  • Learn a skill that could become a new career path
  • Impress family and friends at parties and other events
  • Find an outlet for your creativity
  • Learn at your own pace and fully understand each module before moving on

Whether you’re looking for a change of career, or simply a new hobby, this course is designed for you. Sign up today and get started!


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